Bublava and its surrounding has been an important winter sport resort specialized mostly for cross-country skiing. A lot of natives have won Olympic or World champion medals in cross-country skiing, ski jumping or nordic combination. There are many ski routes prepared for skate or classic style.

Klingenthal and Mühlleithen, which are situated nearby, have been a cradle of German cross-county professional skiers. You can see some oldtime pictures of the skiing history in the gallery. To see the up-to-day ski info go to, or our website with a present weather forecast and webcam.

There is a huge modern ski jump Vogtland Arena in 3 km faraway Klingenthal, where summer and winter worldcup competitions are held every year. Some ski jumps are located in Mühlleithen (4 km), too.

There is a modern ski resort Ski Bublava in Bublava (400 m) with 5 ski lifts, technical snow facilities, snowboard park, skis and snowboard rental and school, ski servis, ski playground for kids, heated tent for kids. A 4-seat funicular construction is in progress. Info go to

Ski resort Ski Bublava is joined to ski resort Sokol Stříbrná (1 long and 2 shorter lifts). Ski resorts Krajka nad Saporo are in 5 km distance.

Other downhill ski resorts are in Klingenthal (Aschberg), Mühlleithen (4 km), Erlebach (6 km), Schöneck (9 km).

Ski centrum Bublava Ski centrum Bublava


Bublava and its surrounding is ideal for MTB. You can use cycle tracks and roads on both sides of the boarder. Anyone can choose from wide range of lengths and difficulty.

cycling cycling cycling

There are a lot of paths, bitumen lanes and forest roads with small traffic, so you can use mtb, trekking or road bike.

Czech and german cycle maps are ready for you in our appartements. We definitely recommend you to use these because of possible problems with orientation.


There are a lot of hiking routes with different destinations for example Špičák 991 m., Aschberg 936 m., Přebuz, Vysoký kámen 774 m, Kiel, dams Muldenberg a Carlsfeld.

Other sports

A lawn football pitch is available in a distance of 200 m from the appartements.


You can play tennis on courts in Stříbrná (2 courts) or Tisová (4 courts) in 2 km distance.

tennis tennis

A playground for children is situated near the municipal office in the centre of Bublava.

dětské hřiště dětské hřiště


There is a small pond in the village. You can try swimming in torf lakes which are natural and rich in minerals. These lakes are on both sides of the boarder.


You can also swim and have fun with water sports like yachting, windsurfing etc. on czech dams Skalka, Jesenice and german dams Pohl and Pirk which are 30 min by car.

If you like indoor swimming, go to aquapark in Schöneck (9 km).

Other activities

Picking mushrooms, bilberries, cranberries. Trips to spa triangle Karlovy Vary, Františkovy lázně, Mariánské lázně. Visits to Slavkovský les, castle Loket, castle and monastery in Bečov nad Teplou, castle Seeberg and SOOS reserve. Shopping trips to Germany (Hof, Plauen, Zwickau, Chemnitz, Ölsnitz, Auerbach, Falkestein). For other trips and links see Surrounding.